On-site Processing

Responsibility- Your facility is responsible for the regulated Medical Waste from “Cradle to Grave” and this represents a potential risk/liability if the waste should ever turn up unexpectedly. Processing onsite means that your Regulated Medical Waste is under complete control and will be handled in accordance with your specific rules and regulations.  Post processed waste is not recognizable and can be placed in the regular trash for disposal.

Sterility- RBS uses the FDA principle of “Equivalent minutes”.  All cycles are processed for 30 equivalent minutes at 250°F (121°C).  Since sterilization can occur at 15 minutes, RBS thus uses a “double kill” approach during its processing cycle to guarantee sterilization by elevating the temperature in the tank to in excess of 250°F. In the SSM technology sterilization does not start until the process temperature reaches 250°F. Bio-hazardous medical waste processed in the RBS’s SSM unit is sterilized to 10 log 6 reduction.  In over 300,000 cycle tests using Geobacillus Stearothermophilus spore vials, there has not been a single incidence where a positive spore test indicated a non-sterilization result.

Unrecognizability- Red Bag Solutions technology grinds (macerates) the waste into small unrecognizable pieces.  This insures that patient information remains confidential and is NOT discernible.  Maceration of protected patient information also means that you’ll be in compliance with HIPAA regulations regarding the unrecognizability of patient information.  This applies to blood bags, labels, IV lines, vials and other disposables.  In the lab or biopharmaceutical industry, maceration insures that formulations, identifiers or any confidential information is not revealed.

Cost Savings- Red Bag Solutions regularly shows a facility cost savings compared to traditional haul and dump providers.  Additionally, there are no surprise charges on an invoice such as: fuel surcharge, environmental fee, tipping charge, minimum pick up fee, missed pick up fee.  All of Red Bag Solutions charges and fees are straight forward and easy to forecast into your ongoing budget.

Environmental Benefits-
Red Bag Solutions value in protecting the environment is substantial.

  • Red Bag Solutions provides a facility the option to recycle processed waste
  • Red Bag Solutions provides a facility the option to utilize processed waste in waste to fuel applications.
  • Maceration and compaction of the processed waste reduces the volume entering the landfill and the amount of space needed to dispose of post processed waste.
  • Reduces greenhouse gasses generated from the transportation of untreated waste to a processing facility and subsequent landfill.
  • Unlike other processing methods, the SSM does NOT produce any unpleasant odors during processing.