Implementation Process

Red Bag Solutions extensive experience implementing onsite processing programs for healthcare facilities insures a smooth design/installation experience.

Identify a suitable location.  The first step in the implementation process is to identify a suitable location for the SSM(s).  The modest space requirements for the SSM greatly simplify this step.  Often the space currently utilized to stage regulated medical waste prior to collection for transport is sufficient. 

Designing the space. The Red Bag Solutions team will work with you and your facility engineers to design an efficient space to operate the SSM unit(s).  Our representative will provide the facility engineers with detailed utility specifications and do an initial walkthrough to assist in determining optimal location for the SSM.  Once CAD drawings of the chosen space are made available, the Red Bag Solutions Engineering team will evaluate the space and provide the facility engineer with several configuration options.  Red Bag Solutions Engineering will remain in constant contact with the facility engineers during site preparation. 

Installation.  Once the site is prepared for installation, Red Bag Solutions technicians will place the SSM in the proper position.  We ask that local electricians and plumbers make the final utility connections to insure that all connections comply with state and local code requirements. Installation work can be completed in less than 48 hours.  Once completed, our installers will run several test cycles with the local facilities team to insure that the SSM machine is operating at peak efficiency.  Upon satisfactory completion of the testing, the SSM is turned over to the facility for routine operation.  Red Bag Solutions technicians are available for on-site training as agreed with the customer. 

Operation.  Daily operation is performed by either facility staff or a Red Bag Solutions staff person if a Modified Turnkey or Full Turnkey program is selected.  Red Bag Solutions’ technicians remotely monitor your machine, via an internet connection, from our Technical Support Center in Baltimore Maryland and can identify any issues or machine malfunctions early so major problems can be avoided. Machine maintenance agreements are also available.  These agreements can be customized to meet the specific needs of any facility.