Biohazardous and Regulated Medical Waste Management Services

Red Bag Solutions offers an array of supplemental and support services to customers utilizing SSM equipment. When RBS personnel are responsible for your waste management needs, your staff is free to concentrate on their primary responsibilities. Services range from on-site waste collection and sharps exchange to comprehensive waste audits and recycling programs.

Collection Services

  • Our staff collects various waste streams from within the facility and transports the waste to its designated processing or storage area.
  • Typical types of waste collected are regulated/biohazardous, hazardous, pharmaceutical, municipal and HIPPA.

Sharps Container Exchange & Management

  • Use of new disposable sharps containers has been demonstrated to mitigate the risk of spread of infection within a facility.
  • Waste from sharps containers processed by RBS can be recycled with a significant recovery of plastics and metals, thus reducing the volume of waste disposed into landfills and providing a better environmental solution.
  • Our staff identifies full sharps containers using a sophisticated, proprietary scanning program; removes full containers; replaces them with new disposable containers; and transports the full containers to the SSM or OSM unit for processing.
  • Management reporting allows the facility to monitor use by container size, specific location, department or other criteria.

Waste Auditing

  • We offer waste auditing surveys to determine current waste handling practices and identify opportunities for process improvement. 

Recycling / Sustainability

  • RBS maintains relationships with an extensive network of recyclers and waste-to-energy providers.
  • Our personnel can assist the facility in defining actions to support environmental sustainability and waste diversion objectives.
  • We can assist in the development of metrics to measure the progress of newly established environmental initiatives

Confidential Information Management

  • Internal collection and processing services of HIPAA documents and other confidential media are available.
  • Red Bag Staff can negotiate and contract the sale of shredded paper on behalf of the facility to an outside vendor.
  • Our patented processing technology removes identifiable patient information from medical waste.

Waste Management

  • RBS leverages its nationwide experience with solid waste contracts and pricing to assist the facility in achieving the lowest possible rates.
  • We can design an all-encompassing program that manages of bio-hazardous, pharmaceutical; hazardous RCRA and solid waste, along with recycling programs to provide a single point of contact for these critical services.