ATLANTA – October 6, 2017 – Red Bag Solutions, Inc. was honored as a finalist in the Clean Tech Innovation category for the 2017 Atlanta E3 Awards at the Metro Atlanta Chamber E3 Award meeting on October 4, 2017. The E3 Awards celebrate the companies, organizations and people who deserve recognition for their work in sustainable business practices.

“Environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices are critical to our future, not just for metro Atlanta, but also for metro regions globally,” said Hala Moddelmog, president and CEO of the Metro Atlanta Chamber. “We are grateful for all of the companies that are recognized as E3 Award finalists. Their forward-thinking impact in keeping our region engaged in conservation is a great benefit to our ongoing quality of life.”

The awards recognize the work being done to both grow economic bottom lines while conserving natural resources in our region. By fostering collaboration and problem solving, many Atlanta companies, like Red Bag Solutions, are making a difference.

Red Bag Solutions has invented a process called Steam Sterilization and Maceration, which takes bio-hazardous waste and renders it into sterile, confetti-like pieces which may be disposed of as ordinary municipal solid waste, recycled or repurposed.  The volume of the waste can be reduced by up to 90% by this process.  In addition, on-site processing mitigates the greenhouse gas emissions liability risks associated with transportation.

Ward Miller, Senior Vice President of Red Bag Solutions commented; “The founding principle of Red Bag Solutions is to provide the most effective, economical and environmentally friendly technology possible for the treatment of bio-hazardous waste and we are honored to be recognized for these efforts and to be selected as a finalist in the competition for the 2017 E3 Awards.”

Mr. Miller’s comments at the E3 Award meeting are shown in the following video:

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About Red Bag Solutions:

For more than a quarter century Red Bag Solutions has provided innovative technology, equipment and services for on-site processing of medical and bio-hazardous waste. The company has manufactured and sold its patented Steam Sterilization and Maceration (SSM) systems throughout the world.  Red Bag Solutions' patented Steam Sterilization and Maceration (SSM) technology is the basis of our unique biohazardous waste processing system. It is designed for safe, efficient and cost effective processing of:

  • Biological agents and infectious materials,
  • Needles, syringes and disposable surgical instruments,
  • Contaminated plastics,
  • Sharps containers/needle boxes,
  • Confidential media and proprietary materials,
  • Blood products and body fluids,
  • Pathogens: bacterial, viral, fungi or proteinaceous infectious agents,
  • Contaminated small animal carcasses and animal bedding,
  • Some pharmaceuticals.

SSM processed waste is sterilized, safe and no longer recognizable as medical waste. Therefore, it can be repurposed, recycled or disposed of as ordinary municipal trash.  Unlike medical waste incinerators and autoclaves, SSM processing is free of objectionable odors and does not release any negative air emissions. It is more environmentally friendly and less costly than any other on-site medical waste management alternative

Red Bag Solutions' customers include hospitals and healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and diagnostic laboratories and research facilities. We realize that every facility's requirements are unique, and we work hard to make sure that those specific requirements are met.

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