Recycled Medical Plastics Converted to Oil Reduces the Volume Placed in Landfill. It's Happening Now!

One Red Bag Solutions hospital client in Portland Oregon is finding a smart way to divert medical grade plastics away from the landfill by using a company who converts the plastics to oil. This medium sized hospital was able to avoid sending 38 tons of medical waste by using Red Bag Solutions Steam Sterilization and Maceration (SSM) to process their sharps containers and evacuation containers. The Red Bag machine grinds and steam sterilizes the waste leaving it unrecognizable. The process also guarantees sterility which safeguards the plastics to oil processor.

Finding new and innovative ways to recycle and divert waste from the landfill will be a step toward improved environmental quality for this generation and the ones who will follow.
There is a lot of interest in this technology from major corporations; read on and you'll see why!

Renewable Waste Intelligence