RBS announces Partnership with NCI

Red Bag Solutions, Inc. (RBS), Atlanta GA and Baltimore MD announces partnership with NCI Consulting Group (NCI), Dallas:  www.NCI-CG.com. Since 1986, NCI is one of the oldest and most respected healthcare sales and marketing firms in the US, specializing in building excellent  relationships with GPOs, IDNs and Major Health Systems.

Larry Harvey, SVP and Chief Commercial Officer, RBS states, “RBS has been successful at marketing its technology to individual hospitals and healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and diagnostic laboratories and research facilities. Now, with the partnership with NCI, we will gain more access into the IDN and GPO marketplace. RBS enjoyed significant increase in interest in our solutions at the first jointly attended Reverse Expo last week in Atlanta. As a result, RBS and NCI will attend several other IDN and GPO related trade shows this year. ”

Jim Dausch,  Founder and Principal, NCI Consulting Group states, “Our daily communication with GPOs, IDNs and hospital executives provides us the necessary business intelligence, market insight and cultural dynamics to best position our client’s offerings. This proximity equips NCI with unique understanding of “know-how and know-who” to identify cost reduction opportunities that clients can bring to key industry buyers to assist in achieving their business objectives.

NCI is excited to represent Red Bag Solutions and to bring attention to its innovative technology that can reduce a facility’s carbon footprint and help improve efficiency within the healthcare facility. NCI’s portfolio of clients ranges throughout the spectrum of the healthcare industry, but these solutions that improve upon environmental impact are especially important to us. Red Bag Solutions’ SSM processing machine is truly an innovative product that can benefit the healthcare industry as a whole and improve upon the current medical waste management segment of the industry.”

Pictured left to right: Shea Dausch, Officer, NCI; Mike Smith, VP Business Development, RBS; Jim Dausch, Principle, NCI; Larry Harvey, SVP & Chief Commercial Officer, RBS.