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Ebola, other Pandemics Present Waste Disposal Challenges for Hospitals

Read our latest press release about how Red Bag Solutions patentented techology is uniquely ready to support the fight against highly infectious diseases along with a discussion with Don Millard and Bill Norton. Click here to read the press release.

RedBag Solutions:
Waste Management

Try Our Sustainability CalculatorRed Bag Solutions (RBS) is a manufacturing and waste management services company that provides environmentally friendly, cost-saving solutions for on-site treatment of medical waste and bio-hazardous waste. RBS’s waste treatment and disposal technologies convert medical, clinical and infectious waste into sterilized, safe and unrecognizable material that can be recycled or placed in a municipal landfill.

RBS offers a comprehensive array of programs and services to meet the complex needs of any organization that generates medical and bio-hazardous waste, including hospitals and healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and diagnostic and research laboratories.